REALM enables sophisticated investors to build and preserve wealth by directly owning a breadth of compelling real estate assets.
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REALM’s investors are among the most sophisticated investors in the world. With liquid assets typically in excess of $10 million, our investors represent individuals, family offices, registered investment advisors and foundations with broad access and experience across all forms of financial investments.


REALM is a highly differentiated and technology enabled platform that makes it possible for individual investors to directly identify, evaluate, own and monitor a variety of real estate assets directly alongside an established and aligned operating partner with no middle man.


REALM’s platform allows investors to own a variety of assets across property type, geography, risk profile and duration. As a result, REALM investors can diversify their investments to best suit their particular circumstances and investment objectives.


Across our broad and eclectic portfolio, the common theme is value. Each and every asset owned by REALM and its investors is chosen for its ability to provide outsized returns in proportion to the amount of risk taken.

Our investor approach

REALM provides a steady stream of compelling investment opportunities to our investors sourced from our extensive network of owners, brokers, bankers, accountants and others. REALM’s investors operate within a defined investor-centric ecosystem (or Realm if you will) that ensures that all interactions occur in a professional and confidential environment.

Access to the REALM platform is provided only to investors that have been comprehensively vetted by our team. Once approved, REALM’s investors enjoy access to our proprietary deal flow, original research, secondary liquidity and tax optimization strategies.

Becoming a REALM investor

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