REALM enables sophisticated investors to build and preserve wealth through direct ownership in a breadth of compelling real estate assets.
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REALM was founded by investors with decades of experience, having directly purchased, owned and operated over $2.2 billion of properties for their own accounts as well as some of the most respected family offices, entrepreneurs and foundations in the world. Central to REALM’s philosophy is the idea that successful investing requires alignment, proper capitalization and a hands-on approach.

Our value

In sharp contrast to both traditional private equity funds and crowd funding, REALM provides investors the opportunity to co-invest directly alongside a permanently capitalized firm with a fully-integrated operating platform and a proven track record of successful investing. The result is consistently strong investment performance, true alignment and a whole new level of transparency. And because our investors invest directly and not through intermediaries, our approach is cost effective.

REALM’s investors gain access to a robust pipeline of investments that are generated from sources our team has built over several decades. REALM’s ability to nimbly move across property type, risk profile and geography in search of the best risk-adjusted returns allows us to find value where others do not.

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Are you a prospective investor?


Benefits for investors

  • Transparency
  • Cost effective
  • True alignment
  • Compelling deal flow
  • Control / Liquidity

Seeking a capital partner?


Benefits for partners

  • Dependable capital partner
  • Relationship based rather than transactional
  • More time finding deals - less capital raising
  • Benefit from REALM's operating scale
  • Flexible structures

“Our organizational depth allows us to effectively own and operate a variety of assets that vary across property type, geography and risk profile. As a result, REALM has much broader access to investment opportunities than do most firms or individuals which allows us to seek out and capitalize on the best opportunities as they arise.”

Travis King

Founder & CEO